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May 02

If your travel site is built using WordPress, and to be honest , it really should be, there are a number of different plugins you should be using to help really get the most of out of your site.

There is so much WordPress can do to boost your site’s effectiveness as well as automate processes – saving you time and money.

Here we look at a number of plugins (addon tools) that you can add to WordPress to get it working as hard as possible for you and your business.

Some of these are free but some are paid for. They are all worth considering and these are tools that we use with our own client sites.

We have broken these down into marketing, content and image plugins.

Marketing Plugins

There are a number of plugins that can help support your online marketing efforts. Here are a few of the ones we go to time and time again for clients.

Thrive Leads

This plugin allows us to create and display lead generation forms in very specific set up places on your website. Form sidebars, popups, hello bars, and more. Thrive Leads is a great way to get your lead generation working hard for you. So if you have downloadable guides, brochure requests or anything else that requires an email address, using Thrive Leads is a great way to build your contact database.



YoastSEO is the go to plugin to help sites rank in Google and the other major search engines. It provided guidance on how to write good copy, SEO descriptions and then helps you optimize them over time. It will also connect to your Google Analytics and help submit a sitemap to Google for you. It has free and paid for options. We find the free version will work very well for any travel site.



Getting people to come back to your site or stopping them abandoning orders and booking is one thing that can make a huge different to your sales. Optimonk is a plugin that provides your visitors with an offer if then try and leave your website to get them to come back and complete their action. It can also email them to get them to revisit as well, if they have entered their email address. This can be a great way to further optimise your existing traffic.



Social Media Auto Poster (SNAP) does pretty much what it says on the tin – it will autoshare your content as soon as it goes live on any number of platforms you set up. There are two versions and we always recommend to clients they go ‘Pro’ as it will have many more options to share across platforms and scheduled posts, and even older posts too.


Revive Old Post

Revive Old Post is a tool you can configure to allow it to reshare your older content This means you can be driving more people back to your site and helps you to re-engage and get your content working harder for you. Again they have a ‘Pro’ version which will allow you to share across more than one platform at a time.

Revive Old Post – Auto Post to Social Media


This plugin allows you to add really nice looking social share buttons and counts on your site at the top and bottom of your posts and pages if you choose. It is a great way to get people sharing your content across social media. You can set up each page to deliver the right image, link and message so when it is shared, you stand the best chance of other people clicking on your content and visiting your site.

Social Media Share Buttons | MashShare

Content Plugins

There are a number of plugins that can help you produce some great interactive content. Long format content such as destination guides with menus and easy to use navigation can be a great way to increase engagement. Here are some content plugins you can use to make your content easier to consume.


This is a great plugin if you have a large piece of content. By using different H tag headers, you can automatically add a clickable table of contents to your pages. You don’t have to use it on all pages, but for those where you have a large amount of content on one page, it can be a useful way for users to navigate the page.

Table of Contents Plus

Click to Tweet

This plugin allows you to set up short code that site visits can simply click on to tweet. This works well with quotes or data. Again, it is about sharing your site content across social media, so having a range of ways for people to do this is only a good thing. This doesn’t impact on your visitors’ journey and is quick and simple to do.

Better Click To Tweet

WP Advanced PDF

If you have long, detailed content, you might want to consider providing your readers with a downloadable version that n view offline. WP Advanced PDF can allow them to create a PDF version of any pages you choose.

WP Advanced PDF

Smooth Scroll Up

If you have large content pages, having the ability return to the top of the page easily is a great way to keep people engaged. Combined with the TOC+ plugin this is a great way to get people moving around a long page.

Smooth Scroll Up

Simple Pull Quote

This plugin can create nice little quotes that appear where you want them to and make a page really stand out. This can also be a great way to make your content more readable.

Simple Pull Quote

Responsive Tabs

This is a really useful plugin to add in a section of the site which can be self contained, such as – 5 places to visit or 5 restaurants, and each tab can have info of that location or place of interest. It this way the user is staying on the page but is still interacting.

Easy Responsive Tabs

Image Plugins

With any travel website, imagery is one of the most evocative ways to sell a destination. That said, imagery can also be the thing that can slow a site down and cause all kind of server based issues which means your site and traffic will drop. Here are a number of image options that can help you get the most of the images without compromising on site load speed.


Smushit allows you to optimize the image file size automatically so you don’t have to be a whizz using Photoshop to reduce the file size of images.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization


Having a Pin to Pinterest button on your images can be a great way to get an increased audience. While this is a marketing activity it makes sense to list it under images.

Pinterest Hover Pin It Button


The same can be said for Instagram. Displaying a location feed of Instagram images all nice and nearly tagged on your website can be another great way to drive additional traffic to your travel related website.

Instagram for WordPress


If you wanted to include some kind of interactive map or travel guide, you can use the Nomad World Map plugin to easily create a range of interactive maps for your site visitors to use.

Nomad World Map


There are a large number of invaluable plugins you should consider using on your travel related website which will help drive more traffic, increase engagement and put a lot of work into your marketing efforts.

If you would like to know how we can help you with your travel related digital marketing activities, then please do get in touch.


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Jason Hulott is Business Development Director at Internet Marketing Specialists, Speedie Consultants. His role is to identify and implement traffic generating and revenue increasing ideas for our client base.

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